Vision and Media Computing Group


  • Shiliang Zhang

Current Team Members

  • Xiaobin Liu (Ph.D. student, 2016 Fall)
  • Jia'ning Li (Ph.D. student, 2017 Fall)
  • Jianming Ye (Ph.D. student, 2017 Fall)
  • Jianzhong He (Master student, 2016 Fall)
  • Longhui Wei (Master student, 2016 Fall)
  • Shangzhi Teng (visiting Ph.D. student from ICT, CAS)
  • Shu'nan Mao (Ph.D. student, 2018 Fall)
  • Yingji Zhong (Master student, 2018 Fall)
  • Dongkai Wang (Undergraduate Intern)
  • Zhen Chen (Undergraduate Intern)

Previous Members

  • Hantao Yao (visiting Ph.D. student from ICT, CAS. Joined Institute of Automation, CAS in 2018.)
  • Dr. Shiqing Zhang (Visiting PostDoc)
  • Chi Su (Previous Ph.D student. Joined Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co.,Ltd 2017.)
  • Qingjun Luo (Previous Ph.D. student, Joined NEC Research China in 2015.)